Event Description

Event Description

Through this event, the organizers aim to raise one of the controversy of the XXI Century, of a rapidly developing society: the jurisdictional aspects of mass-media, treating the subject in its depth and compared with the limits of freedom of expression. This issue is one of general interest, which is constantly expanding. Romania is among the countries most vulnerable to media attacks, having a real problem in terms of private life separate from public life.

This discussions has particular relevance when the invasion of privacy and exposure is to the benefit of the public or reveal illegal actions. When facts are dangerous to other people, the media has the option to violate the right to privacy. Because of the problems they can cause in a modern society, we wish to bring to your attention the main aspects and features that characterize this phenomenon, and national and international regulations.

Legal field is directly affected by this issue, given the burden on the legal system to constantly adapt to changes produced in society. By preventing and sanctioning, legal system incriminates mass-medias abuses and combats them through specialized institutions. The overall picture presented to the participants involves establishing a clear link between this issue and the legal field.

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